Where I live

Hey, Brendan again.

 Just thought I would tell you a little more about where I am living.

I live in Minamiyawata, in the city of Ichikawa. This is roughly 30 minutes by train from central Tokyo. I live with my housemates Adam and Ross in a small apartment much like every other apartment I have seen in Japan. Adam and Ross are from Wales, and a couple of cool guys. We have a reasonably big loungeroom in comparison to most in Japan.


My room is fairly small, and I sleep on a fouton.


img_0039.JPGOur kitchen is pretty tiny, but it doesn’t matter as nobody makes food. It is cheaper to buy ready made meals from the supermarket or convenience store than make them yourselves, and they even heat it up for you. 

Overall I am really enjoying living in Japan. I will try and take some pictures of the area I live in to show you guys.

Brendan out.


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What we been up to

Gio and the yellow jackets

Hey Bro-Man-Ladies,

Brendan here. 

Since arriving in Japan we have so far managed to do almost nothing touristy, but this is what we have done.

After sleeping from nine thirty the night we arrived, till the following afternoon, I got up and my roomates and I went looking for G. After eventually finding him, we headed to Akihabra’s electric city. We had a bit of a look round the many electronic shops then headed to a restaurant for some shabu shabu. This delicious dish involves cooking pieces of meat in boiling water, that is in a pot in the middle of the table. We also began drinking, as the restaurant had an all you can drink in ninety minutes option. We left slightly less sober, and in my case, with a lot less unburnt skin on my knuckles, as I had only learnt to use chopsticks minutes earlier and kept losing my meat in the pot. This meant I had to try and hook it out, a daunting task to say the least.

Shibuya at night

We then went to several Gaijin bars in Shibuya (the cool part of Tokyo you always see in movies), and a few hours later found ourselves singing karaoke with two Japanese girls. We were about to leave for the train, when “Foo Fighters – Best Of You” began playing. As this happened to be Adam’s favourite song, we had to stay and sing it, missing the last train. So we wandered around for a bit, then waited in the cold for several hours among the bums at the train station. We were talked to by the police. They told us to go home in a stern voice. We told them we couldn’t, as we missed the train. “Then wait,” was the reply, and the police left us alone, kinda wondering why they even bothered talking to us in the first place. Finally a train came at 4:30 am, and we went home and slept for the day. (Except Ross who had to go to work at one.)

We have also checked out a few parks and explored Shibuya and Akihabra a bit more. Next weekend we plan on going to the DisneySea theme park.

  Some Ladyboy Ad 


Little Boys

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Finally, Brendan has come back, to the blogging scene.

A lot of people have been talking trash in the blogging scene. They have been saying “Maybe Brendan doesn’t have what it takes to create a blog!” Well sucked in, I’m back. I have loads of news, so I’ll start from the beginning.

The Trip

After a night of not sleeping due to the excitement of moving to a foreign country, I left at five thirty to catch my plane to Melbourne. After saying goodbye to mum I was on my way, and landed in Melbourne at seven. I the sat and waited, as I had too much luggage to carry around and couldn’t check it in. At eleven Gio arrived, and we sat a bit more. At about one we checked in our luggage and began wandering aimlessly. So far pretty boring, but then we met the shady guy. He was a young asian man, who was trying to sign people up for bank cards. Think the guy with the mole from Hostel and your close. This is how the conversation went

Shady Guy: Hey man, where you flying to?

Me: Ummm… Japan

Shady: Ohh Cool, what you doing there?

Me: Teaching english.

Shady: Ohhhh yeeeahhhh. The girls in Japan, they go crazy for westeners. I had a friend who taught english. He had a different girl every night, at least 200 in one year. Yeaaahhhh, you’ll love it.

Me: OK thanks, we’d better get going.

Shady: Yeeaaahhh cool, 200 girls, yeeeaaaahhhhh.

So we walked briskly away from this freak and jumped on our plane. After EIGHT FREAKING HOURS we arrived in Kuala Lumpur, where Gio was patted down by the very serious security guys. We then got on another plane for another SIX HOURS! On this trip I got a few minutes of sleep and awoke in a daze, arriving in Japan.

(Side note I had pictures of all this but my roomate Ross accidentally deleted them all when we went out)


After being met by a bubbly Nova employee, we were accompanied by train to Nishifunabashi, Gio’s home station. From here on out we were on our own. After following a terrible map we eventually found G’s house. We dropped off his gear then left for the station to find my place. We arrived at the station and worked out we didn’t know how to use the ticket machine. After fifteen minutes of interpretive mime in the ticket office, we had our tickets and left for my station, Motoyawata. We arrived and wandered around for an hour in the rain, our woefully inadequate map falling apart in our hands. Eventually we worked out we had left the station from the wrong exit and started again. We felt we were on the right trail, but again found ourselves lost. Fortunately god smiled upon us, and my other room mate Adam discovered us blundering around the streets. He informed us that we were actually standing out the front of my block of flats, and with that I finally arrived at my home.

Phew, that took longer than I expected. If you read all that, you are more commited than me, because there is no way I would have.

Thanks for joining me on this great adventure, but that’s the end of this post.

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Konnichi wa!

 Apologies for the lateness, this have been a little hectic!

Yes indeedy we are here safe and sound, a lot better now than before. It was pouring rain and we were tired and soaking, and the maps Nova had given us to find our apartments were criminally inefficient! 

My senses are still overloaded from all the pretty lights and buildings, not to mention all the pretty people, but at the moment its still really bizarre.

 One thing I will mention is that vending machines serve hot cans of coffee here, and that if u get take away from somewhere your drink comes in a bag!

 Pics will come with a more thorough update, when we settle a bit more.

Sayonara for now!


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Greetings From Kuala Lumpur

Hey guys it’s BC and G. We are halfway to Japan. Only like eight more hours. I (Brendan) have been up for forty hours. WOO!

 G here, KL isnt that exciting so far, but we have hopes. I keep looking in my bags for drugs, just in case. Thats the death penalty here!

 Love, G.

Brendan out.

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Check us out on YouTube

Hey Man-Bro’s,

Brendan here. 

If you really must see more of me and my friends check us out on www.youtube.com. Then simply check out the movies uploaded by “friendlyyoungmen” and “kegsta2”. It’s fairly slim pickings at the moment but there will be more. Here is just a little taste, a dedication to a man we all knew and loved. This ones for you Flugel

 Brendan Out.

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The beginning of the greatest adventure of modern times!

Hey Bro-Dudes.

Brendan here, we have finally set up our blog for our upcoming trip to Japan (This Tuesday). I am meeting G, in Melbourne then we are off. Once we are set up you can expect this to be the place to go to check on our comings and goings.  It will be legendary!

Brendan Out!

Getting totally gay!

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