Greetings From Kuala Lumpur

Hey guys it’s BC and G. We are halfway to Japan. Only like eight more hours. I (Brendan) have been up for forty hours. WOO!

 G here, KL isnt that exciting so far, but we have hopes. I keep looking in my bags for drugs, just in case. Thats the death penalty here!

 Love, G.

Brendan out.


February 13, 2007. Uncategorized.


  1. Al replied:

    Good thing you didn’t bring your boogie board G. 😉

  2. Kramer replied:

    Damn guys, this was like two days ago! I want updates!!!!!1

    I should be paying for half of mine soon, then banking it for a loan for the other half! Woot Japan here I come!

  3. Cameron replied:

    thanks for the update guys

  4. Annaleis replied:

    I’m still checking for drugs in my bag on a daily basis, still no luck.

  5. friendlyyoungmen replied:

    Fear not, we are alive!

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