Konnichi wa!

 Apologies for the lateness, this have been a little hectic!

Yes indeedy we are here safe and sound, a lot better now than before. It was pouring rain and we were tired and soaking, and the maps Nova had given us to find our apartments were criminally inefficient! 

My senses are still overloaded from all the pretty lights and buildings, not to mention all the pretty people, but at the moment its still really bizarre.

 One thing I will mention is that vending machines serve hot cans of coffee here, and that if u get take away from somewhere your drink comes in a bag!

 Pics will come with a more thorough update, when we settle a bit more.

Sayonara for now!



February 20, 2007. Uncategorized.


  1. friendlyyoungmen replied:

    Also, disregard my spelling, this is one crazy keyboard.

  2. Al replied:

    Spelling disregarded! Good to see you are alive. 😀

  3. Kramer replied:

    WOOT, man glad to hear you guys didn’t get sold on the black market, I feel a little safer now.

    How’s work and all that? What’s the accom like? Finding it hard to get around then? Of course my map reading skillz are far superior so I should be fine there 😛

    Paid my admin fee, got the deposit for my loan, so close….soooooo cloooose.

  4. Bread replied:

    I’m really glad you guys are o.k. I’d really like a picture of you two in your suits. When will i expect it?

  5. Josie replied:

    Hi there boys!
    I spent 8 months working in Kobe, Japan for NOVA. I was at Rokkomichi, Ashiya and Rokko Island branches. Trust me, you will be daunted for about two months, but then everything become natural and almost normal (incluinding the keyboard you are using)!! I must say that you are sooo true about the NOVA apartment maps. The job however is a piece of piss and you can easily turn up with a hangover and still do your job. Check out my blog (Feb – Aug 06) for my travels!!

  6. Annaleis replied:

    Just be careful that the bags of drink they give you aren’t colostomy bags…especially if they’re warm!

  7. Leonie replied:

    Hi guys, Mrs W here, glad to see you’ve arrived ok, and checking out the sights. Hope to see some pics soon. Enjoy!

  8. Kramer replied:

    Hey guys, I’ve now gots my own blog.
    yeah boring I know but this way I don’t have to keep writing what I’m doing in HERE! YEAH take that!

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