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Gio and the yellow jackets

Hey Bro-Man-Ladies,

Brendan here. 

Since arriving in Japan we have so far managed to do almost nothing touristy, but this is what we have done.

After sleeping from nine thirty the night we arrived, till the following afternoon, I got up and my roomates and I went looking for G. After eventually finding him, we headed to Akihabra’s electric city. We had a bit of a look round the many electronic shops then headed to a restaurant for some shabu shabu. This delicious dish involves cooking pieces of meat in boiling water, that is in a pot in the middle of the table. We also began drinking, as the restaurant had an all you can drink in ninety minutes option. We left slightly less sober, and in my case, with a lot less unburnt skin on my knuckles, as I had only learnt to use chopsticks minutes earlier and kept losing my meat in the pot. This meant I had to try and hook it out, a daunting task to say the least.

Shibuya at night

We then went to several Gaijin bars in Shibuya (the cool part of Tokyo you always see in movies), and a few hours later found ourselves singing karaoke with two Japanese girls. We were about to leave for the train, when “Foo Fighters – Best Of You” began playing. As this happened to be Adam’s favourite song, we had to stay and sing it, missing the last train. So we wandered around for a bit, then waited in the cold for several hours among the bums at the train station. We were talked to by the police. They told us to go home in a stern voice. We told them we couldn’t, as we missed the train. “Then wait,” was the reply, and the police left us alone, kinda wondering why they even bothered talking to us in the first place. Finally a train came at 4:30 am, and we went home and slept for the day. (Except Ross who had to go to work at one.)

We have also checked out a few parks and explored Shibuya and Akihabra a bit more. Next weekend we plan on going to the DisneySea theme park.

  Some Ladyboy Ad 


Little Boys


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