Hey cool cats and dogs, hows it been?

Sorry for the lack of updates, Brendan currently has no internet and Ive been avoiding this cafe because the girl that works here keeps trying to practice her english on me (I get enough of that at work!) and also we`ve been using our cash for other things!

Before we start, heres a nice pic of a student my workmate took.


Nice huh? Apparently his grandma (obaasan) gave it to him.

Anyway, this place is still as awesome and continuously surprising as ever and I think at last Im more or less settled.

You know ur acclimatised to Japan when:

*U instinctively know when to move across on a footpath to let a bike behind u go past.

*U stop dropping things from chopsticks.

*U are amused by westerners embarrassing themselves (fun times!)

*U leave ur umbrella in the storestand because its stoppped raining, confident that it`ll help out the next person that needs it.

 and my fave

*U know the exact time the cherry blossoms will be appearing at each site around Tokyo!

What else, hmmm. To those that may be concerned, Kramer has made it safely to Osaka (very near Kyoto, hax!) and he sounds ok, so we are hoping to head down soonish to  cause shenanigans so dont fret about him!

I have so many photos of what we have been up to, but I keep forgetting to get Brendans flickr details, so heres the deal; I`ll describe whats been happening and then post relevant pics tomorrow or asap, oke doke?

 Oke doke then!

Mainly been touring around heaps of places around greater Tokyo; visited the biggest Shinto shrine in east Tokyo located in Shimosa Nakayama; amazing building which leads to an equally amazing boardwalk of cherry blossoms tho they arent blooming yet. Going to a Hanami party soon, a cheery blossom celebration!

Anyway, fruit is bloody expensive here, and I found this giant apple on my travels.


Frikken huge, pic doesnt do it justice. Costs about 3 dollars too.

We are frequent visitors of Akihabara and Shibuya; I love these places, Im too easily amused by bright colours and beautiful people!

Not to mention Odaiba, that place is a wonderland for every concievable reason!

Heres Brendan near Joypolis.


Also, u can get monster burgers there!


This baby is 16 bucks worth of Happy Beef (?) and is pretty daunting.

 Still looking at going to Ueno Zoo, maybe today but I keep sleeping in. Also tonight is a going away dinner in lovely Shimbashi for one of Brendans flatmates (I`ll be moving in in his place, closer to work too!) so we might have to skip the zoo AGAIN. I keep sleeping in.

March is a good time of year to see traditional dress too, as its graduation time for 3rd year junior high students. For those utas students, if u thought our graduation robes were expensive, graduation kimonos START at about 500 simoleans here. Great to see tho.


Good example above, this one is about 600 bucks. 

Slowly building a list of places to visit on top of my original list, mainly from student suggestions. Also slowly building on my Japanese!

Hmm, if Im going to be here tomorrow I`ll cut it short here.

Seeya soon with pics!

Love, Gio

Edit: added SOME pics, but Im out of time, gotta run to work! Brendan gets the internet back tomorrow and will post some more cool pics, some have blood!



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Just quickly:

 +44 was awesome, I now know that my French is terrible, and seseame sauce is great on EVERYTHING.


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I am an officially registered alien!

I got my card today, I’m a registered alien living in Japan. Now all I need is a bank account, so I can be paid, then once I have that, I can get a mobile. Then I will almost be a functioning member of society. Also if you read this G come over after work (or before) one day so we can work out what we are doing for +44.

Later all, Brendan out.

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Mini liberty stole my money.

For those that asked, yes we did go to new york!

In addition, after finally getting a crazy japanese phone, I get free emails! This is the closest I can get to international sms, however the address is ridiculous and I dunno how to change it:

I didnt pick it, but anyway, message message message!

On a related note, u can ring us (well me, but Brendan if hes there too) if ur game to try and are rich.

I believe the country code is 81……also I hear that to ring out of Aus u have to dial 0011 or something.

So altogether its 0011 81 8032459255. Or close to it.


I wouldnt recommend it really but u have the power.

Love, G

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Ghost Rider? Don’t bother!

Last night I accompanied my good friend G on our first trip to a Japanese cinema. The cinema was nice and comfy, and the cartoons that tell you “NO KICKING” were hilarious, but the movie sucked. Which movie, I hear you ask. Well maybe you should have read the title, but in case that’s too hard, it was Ghost Rider. Now to me Ghost Rider seems like it should have been an awesome movie with huge demon battles, and to an extent the demon battles were pretty good. But the ridiculous story, worse love story, worse origin story, crap blackheart, crap mephisto, nicolas cage overacting didn’t exactly do it for me. At least Spidey 3 is out in less than 2 months and that’s bound to be good.

Rest In Piece Ghost Rider

What did I do to deserve a movie starring Nicolas Cage.

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In excess!

Howdy howdy!

 Fun times, but I have to admit Ive had the odd strange experience, such as a shady guy coming up to me outside my branch and ask me:

“Excuse me, do you like to have sex with japanese women?”

 Not to mention the Nazi student that goes on about keeping Japan “pure”.  Scary scary.

Anyway, heres an extra pic on top of B`s, as I forgot to get the flickr details. Hence the hugeness! Will post the others later.


Its the train on the way home, so full that if u laugh u shke people around u! I swear every time its like this I feel hands running up my leg, bizarre no?



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Hey lady-fellas,

Brendan again. Yesterday we went to Odaiba and it was freakin awesome. We started out with our first ride in a monorail, which was nice. We then went on a walk on the boardwalk and looked at the shop’s, followed by lunch at Turkey’s, authentic turkey shop, which was delicious. However then five o’clock came around and we headed to our real reason for coming to Odaiba, SEGA JOYPOLIS.

This is a cool indoor theme park on three levels. The best part is though if you go after five you can buy an all access pass for around $25, and it’s open till eleven. There are all kinds of cool attraction’s. There is an indoor rollercoaster called spin bullet, a huge halfpipe thing where you are locked and try and pull off spins, a House of the Dead game where you get your own room and the seats spin around and stuff and simulator rides. However here are some of my favourite things.

Snow Sled: A snow sled racing game against other people. Two reasons I liked this. Firstly we won. Secondly, Michael Jackson once rode on this ride. While we couldn’t get his sled it felt good to be near the big man.

Sega Touring Cars: A touring car game with a difference, you sit inside a full sized car which moves when you turn accelarate etc. There were three cars to choose. I chose the Supra because I have experience driving them. There was also a BMW and a Alfa Romeo. The Alfa was broken down. I then showed what a truly bad driver I was. I did get one good drift going at about 300kms an hour, straight into a wall.

Sega Outrun: Racing game that is more fun than any game should be. You can play with one or two players driving the car, with the game randomly switching you. When we got there a whole bunch of people on dates were playing and driving fairly standarly, except one guy who was drifting every bend. It was cool because he would come flying around the bends and overtake sideways. I decided I would try this, as did everyone else watching, and the next race was drifting madness. Later when everyone left me and G had a one on one race against one another. On the final bend he tried to show off and drifted into a wall, while I drifted perfectly round the bend to the finish. Brendan – 1,  Gio – 0

Chakusin Ari Final: Ghost house based on a Japanese horror film (which I now must see). This attraction was all in Japanese, but it didn’t matter because it was scary as hell. At the beginning they give you the instructions “No touching the walls, no running and no fighting” and a mobile phone, which rings part way through. However we couldn’t figure out how to answer it, plus it would have been Japanese anyway. You walked through rooms with girls hanging up next to chickens, and heads in dryers. Then you came to a computer, but when you grabbed the mouse and hand came out and grabbed you, and while you were still reeling from this, a woman with long black hair dressed all in white, came out the wall and scares you again. She also does this once more at the end.

The Room Of The Living Dolls: My favourite ride as well as the scariest ride ever. It was another horror one completely in Japanese. At the start you have to follow a handrail through pitch black rooms, until you get to a dead end. All of the sudden the light comes on as the guide stands screaming, inches from your face. SCARY! Then she leads you into a room full of dolls and introduces the story, which I didn’t undestand on account of it being all Japanese. She then tells you to put on the headphones sitting on the table in front of you, leaves, and then the lights go out. What happens next is almost all sound in the headphones (though they are so good, I couldn’t actually decide whether or not this was the case for a couple of minutes). An old woman approaches you from behind, and I believes tells you what she is going to do to you (again Japanese). She then proceeds to cut you hair(?), and the scissors get closer and closer to your ear, until you hear the sounds of crushing cartlidge. She then proceeds to torture everyone in the room. I heard Gio decapitated next to me. This all goes on for about five minutes. At one point the light’s came on, everyone was hunched over looking scared out there minds, one kid was crying into his hands. Even though you know you won’t be hurt, this is about the scariest thing I have been on.

So that’s Joypolis. For those of you coming to visit us, we should definately go there. Today we are hoping to go see Ghost Rider.

Brendan Out

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On work and eating Mcdonalds

Hey it’s Brendan.

This post is designed to answer a few of the questions you guys asked, and update you on what’s been happening. I have indeed started work. I did my first day of training last week, and left almost in tears. I was so absolutely crap. But I gave it another go, and my second was much better. I have started work, and have the cushiest work branch ever. The one where I trained was so busy, this one is dead. We operate kids classes, but we only have two kids enrolled and they are on different levels. Yesterday I worked two out of five lessons because no one turned up. It’s awesome.

Head Office (the top half)

On Monday I went to the head office in Shinjuku. It’s over thirty stories high and very cool, with this big clock sculpture thing inside. I had to take my degree there so they will pay me more. However I still haven’t got my bank account sorted, so I won’t get paid till probably April anyway. It also means I can’t get a phone yet.

Over the last few day’s I have been very sick. I took Wednesday off work because I was throwing up stuff that looked like black oil. For those of you who were there the night we took those overdose pictures at Alastair’s, my spew looked like it did in those pics, only there was more. If I had been in a better state of mind I would have taken a picture. I am feeling a fair bit better now, but haven’t been eating much, and found Japanese food doesn’t help. This is why you can see Maccas in the last photo. However I only made it through about six chips and a third of the burger.

Today we were going to go to Disney but because I have been sick we decided to wait and we are going to Odaiba instead. My room mates went here on Thursday, and there is a place called Tokyo Joypolis, which is a big indoor amusement park. It’s a mixture of arcade games and rides. There is a snowboarding simulator, where they lock your legs in and you have to try and go up and down a half-pipe. The best part though is after five, it only costs about $25, and it’s open till eleven.

No video yet because I haven’t tracked down an adaptor for the old girl. I might experiment with the video on little guy. Also I apologise for the stupid dates on all the pictures, but I can’t get them to turn off. I think I will have to read the manual.

I might try and post again tomorrow.

Brendan out.

Maid Soliciting

I thought you might enjoy this pic. It is of the maids that try and entice men into the red light district. My work is just round the corner.

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