Break In Transmission

Brendan here

OK, I know it’s been a while. Our internet got disconnected, cause we got behind in bills, and we have been struggling to get it reconnected. It was supposed to be reconnected last Wednesday, but the guy didn’t come (though the company says he did), and the first available time we can get now is in two weeks. We have paid up for a few months so as soon as we get it reconnected we should be right. In the meantime I have discovered I can steal wireless internet at work so I will try and post semi regularly until we get reconnected (if that ever happens).

We have been up to a lot, I’ll try and briefly cover it. If you wanna know more about anything comment and I’ll write a longer post.

We went and saw +44. It was awesome but I got hit in the nose (possibly by a frenchman). It was much worse than the picture makes it look, but I cleaned up most of it before I realised what a photo op it was.

Blood nose

 My housemate Adam’s going away party was great. He has gone back to Wales and now Gio lives with me and Ross.

Adams Going Away Present

We have been out heaps. A while back G got real drunk. I took him home but he jumped off the train to be sick, and went behind some boxes. Next thing we knew a lady came out of this news stall yelling at him. Turns out he was throwing up all over her new delivery of newspapers. Then she started yelling at me, because I was trying to take a picture on my phone. It was great. Alcohol is super cheap here, around $12 for a bottle of Jim Beam. Gio got a small bottle of whisky for $3. And for those of you who smoke cigarettes are only $3 a box. Almost reason to start smoking (Almost!)


We also went out last Wednesday. We were having a curry before we caught the train home, when we noticed a bald man sitting outside in the road next to a pile of rubbish (side note I earlier pushed Ross in one such pile of rubbish and rats came out everywhere). Turns out he had been at the club next door and been rejected by a girl. SO… in a bid to get his manliness back he sat in the road building tiny model women. We started talking to him and he is from the same area of England as one of my friends here, Phil. We decided this man was actually Phil from five months in the future, and he has returned to get Phil interested in tiny model women.

We have also been to Harajuku (the source of most weird shop pics) and many other places. We are still as yet to make it to the zoo.


We recently got a PS3. We have Fight Night, Def Jam and NBA Street. It’s awesome.

I hope to go see Spidey 3 tomorrow before work, should be good. I wanted to go see Good Charlotte next week, but I am low on cash after buying a laptop and Ps3 games, plus I can’t find anyone who wants to come. I will go see My Chemical Romance at the end of May. Hopefully Kramer will make it over for the concert as well.

This is the major stuff thats happened, be sure to check out all the new pics on Flickr. I will try and post again soon. Apologies for the lack of posts, hope to be sorted soon.

By the way here is my phone email, ( if you send stuff here I’ll receive it on my phone right away. I will try to reply but it takes an age to right an email (No Predictatext) and costs so don’t be to sad if I don’t. I will try and respond on the blog at least. If you wanna go crazy and ring email me and I’ll send you my number.



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Been a while yes, many reasons why! Will tell u laters, suffice to say we are ok!

Lots of cool stuff has been happening, been to some great places, and finally LEFT Tokyo for once which was amazing really.

For now this will do you, this is one of many photos from Hanami with some work friends, enjoy!


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