Come one, come all to this tragic affair…


Hey lads and ladies,

Me and my compatriot Gio went and saw My Chemical Romance last night. Two words, AWESOME! It was the last show on the Black Parade Tour, and the venue was the Budokan, a famous venue for live music in Tokyo which was originally built for martial arts events (there you go, you occasionally learn stuff from my posts too). It is a massive building, within a park, and it’s very cool. We were in the top section (there are three levels) and had a great view but I would have liked to been closer.

My Chemical Romance was supported by The Bouncing Souls, a cool punkband. There performance was great, even if I was only familiar with one of there songs, True Believer (which is still more than 99.9% of the audience). I felt kind of sorry for them, because the audience were seated for them (me and Gio were the only one headbanging in our section). However the audience got much more excited for My Chemical Romance, and almost everyone, even the salarymen behind got into it. However the guy next to Gio seemed to hate it and kept checking his watch.

The performance itself was amazing, they played through the entire Black Parade album (as the Black Parade) with costumes, pyros revolving drum kit etc. The stand out songs in this set were Teenagers and Mama. Great stuff! They then announced that My Chemical Romance would be up next and left the stage.

They returned to the stage and played another set (almost all of the Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge album). This was without costumes and less theatrics. However the songs were more familiar, so more people sung along making the atmosphere even better. Of particular note was I’m Not OK (everyone singing along, sweet) and You Know What They Do To Guys Like Us In Prison (my favourite song).

Overall it was a great night. My hair went down great with the Japanese people, even old ladies. If anyone ever gets to see this band live, I highly recommend it. Best sick day eva.

Catch you on the flip flop hombres.


May 30, 2007. Uncategorized.


  1. Mum replied:

    Hi Brendan

    Sounds like you had a great time.

    Joel is letting me take him to Alice cOOper, won’t be doing my hair like yours though

  2. darla replied:

    dare i mention the ol smashing pumpkins play the budokan when inclined…:D

  3. Annaleis replied:

    The ol who?

  4. Christian replied:

    I saw MCR at EdgeFest 17 Live! They rocked!!! Gerard fantisizes! lol

  5. shegzyaino replied:

    i want to be your friden

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