Double Feature

Terve, 23 year old Brendan here.

I have been meaning to write a post about my birthday shenanigans since Thursday. However I also need to add some photos from last weekend, so you lucky readers will get a Grindhouse style double bill, minus the fun.

I woke up on the 20th a 23 year old young man. What a feeling, my lifes really turned around. I got a parcel in the morning from my Mum, full of cool gifts, and watched the new episode of 4400. That afternoon I went to work, but after work the fun truly began. I met Ross and Shinjuku and we went to the British Pub, we played Mythbusters. We proved the myth that a shot will sink to the bottom of a beer and not mix, by tasting the two points with two straws. We then busted the myth that a one yen piece will float in beer (it really won’t). We then met G and moved to space bar.

Space bar is a crazy restaraunt where the waitresses glow in the dark, and bare metal and air ducts are common decorations. Even though it’s a restaraunt we managed to not eat anything and not get kicked out, however we decided it was prudent to leave when a rubber toilet slipper ended up inside the bar.

Next stop was a horrible hostess bar, where old hostess’ go to die. We paid for all you can drink, but the women there kept trying to make us buy them one. Gio`s girl was in her 50’s, Ross’ came to be known as “THE MOLE”, Phils girl looked uncomortable and wanted to go home, and my Russian lovely didn’t speak English. At first it was a good laugh, I tried to make some small talk (“Do you like bears”, “Have you seen the movie Hostel”) and even sung some Celine Dion karaoke. However the ladies were getting restless, we were drinking beer and eating stale chips, but had managed not to buy them anything.  Ross told “THE MOLE” I had won the lottery, and next thing I knew I was being hounded for my (non-existent) credit card. Finally a large afro clad Japanese women came and started yelling at us, so we decided to leave.

On leaving we met a huge black man named Samson who wanted us to check out his Hostess bar. We eventually managed to lose him by saying we had to go help our friend Johnny, who had fallen down some stairs (but not till he had refused to let me find a toilet, and made go with him to a back alley to take a pee).

We ended up in a strange little bar on a random floor of a big building, drinking white russians. I fell asleep, the bar stuff drew on me, Top Night!

I took the next day off and spent the day playing Ps3, watching Gumball Rally and went out for tea at the Outback Steakhouse. Good day.

On returning to work on Friday I got a vist from the area manager, who gave me my first written warning for calling in sick to many times (I averaged one sick day a month). These are notoriously hard to get (My friend got one for yawning in class) and I was terribly depressed.

I spent most of last weekend watching TV on my bed and eating Wendys. Once again we spent our Sunday Eve at the delightful Crazy Cactus mexican bar, playing cards and pool. We met up with two other Tasmanians at the bar who also live in our buildin and managed to outnumber the Japanese people.

Thats about it, tonight we are drinking and watching Horror movies. I plan to give Ross the Australian horror experience, Wolf Creek and Undead. I think we’ll skip Howling 3: the Marsupials.

Thats it for today, if you are still reading this well done.



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Fast And The Furious At The Gay Bar

Hey, Hey, Hey, Brendan’s Back.

First things first, another good weekend. We went out for Shabu-Shabu to commemorate four months in Japan. Thats one third of the adventure done, mad crazy. We also drank somewhat.


My Flickr account should be sorted soon, cause my Mum Mum came through for me. Also it’s my birthday this Wednesday so we’ll be hitting some clubs in Shinjuku.

Also two new vids, my adventures clad in a dress in Coles, and the Hot Shit Magna video.

Check them out here…

…or as usual new links in the YouTube part of the site. There is getting to be quite a few, if you haven’t seen them yet click on the YouTube link in the pages list on the sidebar to your right.

Stay Cool Chaps!

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Damn Stupid Flickr

Just found out Flickr has a photo limit, and unless I upgrade to a pro account my old photos are not viewable (though they are still there). Its only $25 for a year which I would pay but I don’t have a credit card. AAARRRRGGGGHHHH.

In other news we went out for karaoke last night. It was fun. On the way home Ross fell asleep standing up, leaning against a pole. When the train stopped he collapsed on the floor. It was awesome. Heres some pics from the station.


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The Real Smell of Friendly Young Men…

Post city today, but I just found this sweet website. You can create Slogans and Movie Quotes with your name in them.

I got “Come with Friendly Young Men if you want to live.” Movie Quote

“The real smell of Friendly Young Men” Slogan

“Nobody Better Lay A Finger On My Brendan” Slogan

and finally “Fasten your seatbelts. It’s going to be a bumpy Brendan.” Movie Quote

So now it’s your turn friends go to and write in your name. Then post it in the comments section of this very post so we can see who has the best (though it will be hard to beat “The real smell of Friendly Young Men”). The best entry at the end of the month wins a “No-Prize”.  Please don’t cheat and choose the first slogan and quote you recieve. Good Luck!

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Most Disturbing Video Ever!

Good morning everyone.

Good mor-ning Mis-ter Crates.

Quick post to draw attention to the addition of Dancing Victor on YouTube. You can see it here… … or as usual there’s a link in the YouTube section of this very page. While on the subject of YouTube, while uploading Victor I found this even more disturbing video of him. I warn you that this video is STRICTLY ADULTS ONLY and suitable for those of WEAK DISPOSITION or PRONE TO HEART FAILURE. Now that that’s out of the way, please enjoy the incredibly creepy bastard that is Zipster.

MY EYESSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So until next time, GO TO HELL!

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Naked man spotted at train station…

Welcome true believers, it’s your friendly neighbourhood Brendan again!

What a great weekend, though not much happened. Drank all night Friday, then went skateboarding at dawn, one of my favourite things I have done in Japan. Empty streets in Tokyo, it was crazy. Then I slept through most of Saturday. Yesterday I messed round with some old video footage, then went to our favourite pub, The Crazy Cactus. Drank. played pool, drank, played cards, drank, played pop up pirate, drank, ate some chalk, drank and met some cool girls (who drank too). Also managed not to be pantsed by Ross in pool this time, so no running through Tokyo pantsless for me this week. Great Success!

Now to explain the heading. There is a crazy old guy who yells at people at Akihabra station (he yells especially loud at whiteys like me). On Friday night he was naked, here is a terrible photo of it. Apologies!

Finally some new old videos on YouTube. Bennys tart car and the original Dominos pizza video, and for nostalgia fans the original Man With a Past is in the short films section.

Thats it guys, Excelsior.

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