Fast And The Furious At The Gay Bar

Hey, Hey, Hey, Brendan’s Back.

First things first, another good weekend. We went out for Shabu-Shabu to commemorate four months in Japan. Thats one third of the adventure done, mad crazy. We also drank somewhat.


My Flickr account should be sorted soon, cause my Mum Mum came through for me. Also it’s my birthday this Wednesday so we’ll be hitting some clubs in Shinjuku.

Also two new vids, my adventures clad in a dress in Coles, and the Hot Shit Magna video.

Check them out here…

…or as usual new links in the YouTube part of the site. There is getting to be quite a few, if you haven’t seen them yet click on the YouTube link in the pages list on the sidebar to your right.

Stay Cool Chaps!


June 18, 2007. Uncategorized.


  1. Luke replied:

    Haha G looks more and more asian in each photo…

    Not long until we come over guys 🙂

  2. friendlyyoungmen replied:

    Nice one Ben!

  3. Mum replied:

    Mum Mum can’t fix without instructions


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