Friendly Young Men:THE RETURN!

Hey rubber ducks, Brendan here.

So I know it seems like this sites really gone down hill, but I will attempt to win you back. First, excuses, usually we update as we go someplace cool, but lately things have been kind of slow. You see it’s like 35 degrees with super humidity, and going outside has become a chore. However we did manage to make it to Nikko, my first trip out of Tokyo (In a Typhoon no less). Expect a mighty post with loads of pics about this soon, as Gio and myself unleash the first of many duo posts (featuring facts and nonsense). Keep an eye out!

However todays posts is more about drinking, and stupidity (Gio’s Mum you have been warned). We have been doing quite a lot of this lately. We have made some awesome new friends, James (a Willunga boy like me) and Brendan (also somewhat like me but in a different way, prizes for the one who guesses). We have also recently said goodbye to our good mate Phil who’s headed back to Merry Old England. Also we found a 24 hour bowling and super cheap all you can drink Karaoke ($20, 11pm-5am) right near our house. Of course we are still regularly attending the local bar, The Crazy Cactus.

Bowling has been awesome, although my skills are still sorely lacking. Also at the alley we discovered our first womens underwear skill tester, which I know sounds awesome, but actually only kind of is (you spend so much time catching them, then realise you have nothing to do with them). Phil won lacey whites, I won a bairly there black G, Ross some heinous brown granny pants and poor Gio won nil (though not for lack of trying). Maybe I can use the black G for the prize I talked about earlier.


We are all still sporting dozens of injuries from Phils several last nights out, and I’m sporting a new Karaoke jacket. Phil also found a cheaply priced Borat style gold thong, which he insisted on wearing round Tokyo. Here are a selection of pics from these nights.



Much worse pic of the gold thong available here. No one should look at this (especially parents and those with a weak stomach). YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! If you looked you will go to hell. Thank god its blurry.

He will be missed, we all had many a good time.

Finally, the story of the shrimp attack. A shrimp fom the Crazy Cactus bit my lip and nose, actually drawing blood when it got my nose. Why was it so close to my face? I was trying to get it to bite my tongue. (Hopefully phone footage coming soon)

My Gio Tower

So thats the happs. I also got a haircut, and its fireworks season so we’ve been seeing a lot of that. Nig came for a few days over Fuji Rock (check out his blog, link in the sidebar).

Coming up, not much. However Ross’ friends are coming to visit soon, and he himself will be leaving in about a month (My friends are all leaving, sigh…). Also expect the first ever Brendan and Gios Excellent Adventure/Kramer’s Fun Time Old Fashioned Half Hour Blog Show crossover (check your socks are still on and your head is still attached.)

Super Sweet Boyband Photo

Hopefully we have re-piqued your interest. As soon as the air cools down we can get back to doing what we do best. Loads of new pics on Flickr for you to look at, Nikko photos should be on in the next day or so, and post within a week.

See you later alligator, don’t forget your toilet paper.


August 13, 2007. Uncategorized.


  1. Luke replied:

    Good to finally see a new post 😀

    Not long until we come over lads! Just over 2 months and counting! Make space in your lounge room in preparation haha!

    Not much to report here, same old same old, saving for our trip (whilst paying back >$1.8k in tax! Argh!). Work as usual and all that stuff!

    Hmm I’ll have to start my own blog soon methinks…
    Catch up with you guys later!

  2. Annaleis replied:

    Looks like I’ma goin ta hell. Worth it.

  3. Luke replied:

    Needs more posting.

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