Ross- A retrospective


So it was almost 2 weeks ago now (damn time goes fast here), that my housemate Ross left. He’s been one of my best friends and helped me out a lot since I’ve been here. It was a sad day, but the leadup was awesome. I basically didn’t stop drinking for 3 weeks (we could only remember about 3 days off and 2 of them were on Fuji. We went out on many occasions (I’ll be mostly focusing on his last night in Roppongi) and some damn fun games (circle of death, JOY). There were embarrasing spectacles (my strip tease dare comes to mind, sure its gonna end up on YouTube eventually).

Our last night out started in Shibuya, where we met Ross’ friend Flo (Yet another Tasmanian) for dinner. We were soon met by James and headed out to some bars. We played drinking games, got smashed and almost jumped by some crazy girls who were obsessed with Hanoi rocks. We escaped, to an awesome shop where Ross picked up a sweet Frog/Dinosaur costume which he wore for the rest of the night. We met up with Tracey and Marina and jumped in a taxi for Roppongi.

Roppongi is the night club area of Tokyo, and you are constantly hassled by big black men saying “Do you want to go to my club?”. We went to one bar for a while (a notorious prostitute bar). We then headed off in search of a club, I made especially good friends with one big black man, who allowed me to hold his hand why he tried to convince us his club was the best.

We ended up at a club we had been to onc before (and is damn expensive if you have boy toilet parts). However due to Ross’ super sweet suit we got a discount and danced the night away. Ross was overheating fast in his suit, but luckily a man who seemed to be in love with him came over and started fanning him. Eventually the heat was too much and he had to leave, and I went to make sure he was OK. He was so hot he had red spots, but I could not get him out of the suit. I ran to 7:11 and spent the last of my cash on a bottle of water for him. When I got back fan man had found him, and was trying to buy his costume. He eventually left, but not before sucking Ross’ chest (ewwwwww…). It looked like someone spiked his chest hair with gel. 

We eventually went home on the first train, and Ross was much loved by Tokyo early birds. Me and Marina harrased Ross continually with animal noises (I learnt Russian Animal Sounds, pigs go hru and dogs go guv) and we eventually made it back.

So good bye big brother, I had an awesome time and I’ll be seeing you soon in Wales!


September 24, 2007. Uncategorized.

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