Tsk tsk. Also Nikko!

How can I be the train molester when ur the one who strips and harrasses poor Japanese people on the trains?! Shame on you!

As my esteemed (?) colleague mentioned a while back, I was going to talk about Nikko but then I forgot. Then my laptop screen died and Im currently running it through the tv, so I couldnt do a fun cover pic to go with it ;_;….

Also Im lazy.

But yeah! We did go there, and its quite different to kamakura; very haunting, more idyllic and even more isolated feeling. Although maybe that was because of the typhoon at the time (so much rain!!), but I have to say going there really made me yearn for a greener place to live!

I wont really go into talking too much about it (look at the really relaxing pics!!) but its a really significant place; its the resting place of Tokugawa Ieyasu – the great Shogun himself! Its also reasonably close to Tokyo, maybe 150kms, so we got there in around 2 hours by train.

A couple cool things that might need some talking! This pagoda (not the right term but it`ll do!) is built around a suspended wooden pendulum; ancient earthquake protection!


And I haven`t seen trees like this, or at all for that matter, in the 7 months since Ive been here!



Β And behold, the Futarasan! I believe anyway, I forgot to label the pics, so I`ll research later after work :).


Dragon Fountain!!!!!!11111!

One more for now, check out the rain!

Phew! Have a look at the other pics, I actually rate this place over Kamakura, and hopefully next month we`ll be down seeing Kyoto and Nara which should be even more beautiful!

Also check out the hostel pics, its the best hostel ive ever stayed at!

Ja ne! Cho tanoshii desu ne!



September 26, 2007. Uncategorized.


  1. Luke replied:

    Awesome! Would be cool to visit there when we come over actually… so much to do haha… I think the Kanji for Nikko means “Sun resort” or something like that… haha seems like there’s a lack of sun there πŸ˜›

  2. Anonymous replied:

    Yeah G Nara is pretty mad, but most importantly everything there is HUUUUUGE! Kramer out.

  3. Bread replied:

    I hope you boys are planning a huuuge welcoming party for when you get your visitors. I’m sure Benny wants an ice-cream cake!
    Cameron has a present to pass onto you from me!

  4. Super Sweet Brendan replied:

    Woop woop, present! Thanks Bread. But you can’t get ice cream in japan.

  5. G replied:


  6. Luke replied:

    Hahaha somehow I think you’re fibbing πŸ˜›
    Green tea and black sesame icecream cake please πŸ˜›
    Haha not long until we get up there now πŸ˜‰

  7. Smelter replied:

    Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation πŸ™‚ Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Smelter.

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