Brendan’s Short Films

Zombie House Party

Ever wonder what would happen if a zombie went to a high school party. Find out in my short film directing debut, Tasmanias first Zombie film.


Young man learns about Chinese food. I made this film as an assignment in conjunction with Launceston city council and the Launceston Chinese Community.

Rolly the Bear

Rolly is a pimpin drug dealin bear on a trike. Created and written by Canadian Actor/Comedian Sebastian, directed and edited by Brendan. This film is not finished, placeholder voices are used.

Man With A Past

The first film I ever made. Man with a past must use his powers of hindsight (he never falls for the same technique twice) to avenge his master.
Part 2 coming soon (Much higher quality)



  1. It's 5:30 am, but I proudly present... « Brendan and Gio’s Excellent Adventure replied:

    […] Brendan’s Short Films […]

  2. G replied:

    Awesome to the max!

  3. Luke replied:

    Hahaha awesome… be sure to check out the ‘ticklish’ couple in the film “Chopsticks”… I totally should have taken up the job they offered me afterwards 😛

  4. Bread replied:

    The films are great. I was impressed with the “acting” of the couple at the end too…

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