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Baby Duck

Flugel feels like a baby duck.

For The Love Of Flugel

In memory of the great man himself.

Whopper Junior

Brendan needs a Whopper Junior, BAD!

Trolley Smash

Professional stuntman Kegan Charles goes on a wild ride.

Camerons Amazing Flip

Worst flip EVER!

Caught In The Act

Two young men experience the greatest love of all.

Gavins Ritual

The friendly young men are performing sacred satanic ritual, but they are waiting on Dark Priest Gavin. However the ritual goes pear shaped when they mistake a door to door salesmen for the mighty Gavin.

Flour Wakeup

Friendly Young Men, BC and The Wasp wake up Kegsta using self raising flour.

 Young Boy Looks for Love in a McDonalds Drive-Thru

Young Boy is out on the prowl, this time hoping to pick up young men in the McDonalds drive-thru.

Tram Stop

The Wasp hates the public transport system in Melbourne.

Scary BC

BC out terrorising the Melbourne public. Friendly Young Men on holiday.

Eight Ball Triangle

The wasp shows us his world famous eight ball triangle impression.

Sexy Boy Visits Dominos

Sexy boy needs to eat pizza, and visits Dominos. People find his clothes and sleeping bag strange, and react with fear.


Heart broken Kegsta takes it out on his ex girl friend.

Dancing Victor

Old guy in Melbourne dancing to ABBA’s dancing queen.

Tuned Mitsubishi Magna Takes It To The Streets Of Tasmania

The Friendly Young Men use there mad modification skills on Kegstas Magna, and go out looking for respect and cheap thrills. Do they find them, probably not. But they do have a run in with Johnny Law.

Sexy Boy Tries To Pick Up Chicks At K-Mart – Gay Bar

Sexy boys on the prowl again, this times he’s at K-Mart and Coles Supermarket. Oh, and he’s wearing a dress too. Music: Gay Bar-Electric Six.


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